Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear People,

I'm gonna bug you about music a lot, cause that's what I like to do to people. So here's some albums I'm going to force on you.

In no particular order, I'm gonna get all Amazon here.

1. "Pussy Cats" by Harry Nilsson (Produced By John Lennon)- No, I did NOT discover this through the Walkmen's pointless rehashing. Just listen to Nilsson's cover of Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers to Cross." Hair raising. Best snare pause ever.

2. "Oar" by Alexander "Skip" Spence - He was in the fucking awesome Moby Grape. He went to jail, somehow managed to get a solo record deal, got out, used most of his advance money for the album to buy a chopper that he rode to Nashville. Then he recorded an album in two days--or something like that (it's disputed). Then pretty much vanished. All that aside, his music alone makes Tom Waits jealous.

3. "Chocolate and Ice" by My Morning Jacket - Probably my favorite contemporary band. This e.p. (e.p. mind you) is like 70 minutes long. Just as good as "At Dawn" in my opinion--probably better. Listen to "Cobra". I kept yelling for them to play it when they came to Pittsburgh. They didn't.

I'll let you digest these albums for now and continue this later. The bar awaits.


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