Thursday, June 19, 2008


Where to begin?
I used to share an apartment in Pittsburgh with my buddie/TUK roadie Ian. We lived in a decent neighborhood, in a not-so-decent apartment building. Despite constant threats of eviction from our absent minded landlord who would forget that we paid him the rent, it was a nice time in my life.
Our first night in the apartment. Ian and I are sitting on the couch surveying our new domain when this god awful noise starts blaring from above us. Like the cup of water in Jurassic Park, only the glass of water actually shook itself off the table and smashed on the floor.
It sounded like a band playing, but it was hard to make out anything. We swore we heard the words "crackpipe" being screamed over and over again. This was our first introduction to "MegaMeth".
After 2 more nights of this noise, Ian and I went upstairs and knocked on the door. We couldn't take it anymore. We're easygoing guys, but noone could put up with this racket. I don't know how to describe the man that opened the door in any other way than "crazy looking". It was Megameths' guitarist, BoVice. One word. He shared the apartment with his bandmates, Orpheous, and BoHam, who we suspect was Bovice's brother. A pungent stench of chemicals and urine hit us as soon as the door opened. Almost choking from the smell, we kindly asked them if they could not play after 11. They were surprisingly nice about it and said sure. And that was our first encounter with the boys/men of MegaMeth.
Over the next year we became "buddies" of some sort with the guys, whose ages we could never guess. They were definitely scary, but also lots of fun and endlessly entertaining. We encouraged them to start playing shows, but they just didn't want to. They were happy just to beat on their instruments in their apartment and record songs and put them on the internet. Concerning their instruments, MegaMeth are very unique. They're, as Orpheous likes to say, a "power 3-piece" . Orpheous, the tallest of the 3 and certainly one of the hairiest men I've ever met, is the singer. Bovice plays solely wah-wah guitar. BoHam plays a crappy electronic drum kit, you know, the kind that's just pads. They all scream along on the chorus. Which brings me to their music.
For 3 guys that do more drugs than anyone I've ever met or seen in a movie, they actually write good songs. They do the whole verse/chorus/verse structure. Their choruses are even catchy. I'm no big fan of metal, but I can't help but like Megameth. So what's stopping them from being on the next Ozzfest? Their lyrics.
All their songs are about smoking meth, smoking crack, robbing people, and all kinds of dubious/nefarious and downright immoral/illegal behavior. That, couopled with their scary image, might scare most people off. It doesn't matter though. They're not interested in becoming rockstars. They just like playing together.
We've since moved out of the apartment and I hardly ever see the guys, but I did run into 2 of them recently and luckily I convinced them to do an interview with me. Boham wasn't there. Apparently he was arrested shortly after we moved out and is still in jail as of today. They wouldn't say what for, and really, it could be a myriad of things. I'm posting the interview as soon as he sends it back to me. Believe it or not, MegaMeth are surprisingly web savvy. So get ready world. I give you...MEGAMETH!
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