Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quite Possibly The Biggest Douchebag in the World

Hello all,
A few months back I caught an episode of BBC America Reveals "Britain's Biggest Spenders". This guy was on there. He is quite possibly the biggest douche in the world, but also a very entertaining guy. If anyone deserves their own reality show, this man does. I would watch it, for the same reason I peek my head out of my car window when we pass by a traffic accident. Wasn't it the Circle Jerks who called it "Casualty Vampires"? Anyways, just a little intro into his world. I'm not sure how well known this shithead is in the UK but I'm sure noone in the States knows who he is. But if I ran the TV networks, his would be a household name. The video below doesn't go into it, but this guy also bought a seaside town in Bulgaria and named it after himself, which I think is pretty sweet. Let's be honest, if you had the kind of juice to buy a town in some eastern european backwater and rename it after yourself, you'd do it. I'd do it. Enjoy the glory of this humble man:


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