Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I've learned So Far This Tour

1. Priceline = no more Motel 6
2. SXSW is still kind of worth it even if you play one set and it's 17 minutes long.
3. White Sands, New Mexico is incredible, especially at dusk. (Wait till we get some pics up. It looks like we're walking around in Antarctica with tank tops on.)
4. Des Moines is still my least favorite city in America--although we did meet some cool folks this time around.
5. David Cross is a swell guy, and enjoys hugs and the flavor of Mark's hand.
6. Wavves' new album is not available in Wal-Mart.
7. I need an i-Pod and a laptop right quick.
8. "The Sound and the Fury" is impossible to read while "Songs for the Deaf" is blasting on the stereo.
9. The Saltan Sea is kind of gross, but the drive from there to San Diego is beautiful. The landscape changes every 15 minutes. It goes; desert, badlands, Kenya, Switzerland, Pennsylvania, California.
10. Don't ever get your car fixed at Pep Boys. It's an auto parts store. Think about it.
11. Courtyard Marriott's have computers in the lobby.


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Jason Evisceration said...

12. Marshall, Texas is a pretty cool place. You'd be surprised how nice a motel named 'Budget Inn' can be on the inside.