Monday, July 27, 2009

CHARACTER ARC (click on this)

Last week we were graced with the privilege of appearing on the cover of Pittsburgh's City Paper. We had a good time working with the photographer Heather Mull on the photo shoot. Per usual, our initial ideas for the shoot were vastly ambitious and considering there was no budget, vastly unlikely. As necessity is the mother of invention, we climbed out onto the roof of Nic's apartment and Bloomfield and took some pictures. Of course, the local store Eons was kind of enough to lend us some very fine duds that came in quite handy. In the end, attached is the link for you to check out the story and some pics. I hope you enjoy the story.

Click on the title above, the one that says CHARACTER ARC or..

In case you don't see the link, here it is again:

In other news, we have a big announcement to make soon. So stay on the edge of your seat and check back early and often.