Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here at Running with the Wasters, having run out of things to write about, we offer up another ghastly installment upon which we attempt to let you, the reader, get to know us, the boys in the band, a little bit better. An entertaining read I'm sure, for the few brave, bored souls that bother with said blog. Enjoy.

This installment: The notorious Wine enthusiast and occasional drummer, Joshua Sickels.

Name: josh "ice" sickels

Age (real or pretend): 26

What do you do in the band?
play drums, acting drill sergeant

How many pets have you had?

37, wow that's a lot. What kinds of pets did you have? 37 dogs?
(unintelligible...groaning...) Sure

Favorite Actor?
Daniel Day Lewis. and i only really like two movies he was in. he is just THAT good.

Which movies?
(...loud shreiking noise in background, sighing...) Um, I-uh, I don't remember, man.

Fair enough, Favorite Actress?
probably leslie mann. i think she is hilarious, and totally smokin' in that older woman type way.

Have you ever read Gun's N' Ammo?
no, but i like the title.

If you could have written one song througout the history of recorded music, what song would it have been?
this is a ridiculously hard question to answer, and im pissed at you for asking it. though maybe not the greatest song ever written, my personal favorite song is "im only sleeping" by the beatles. so yeah, that.

How many women have you slept with (real or imagined)?
a gentleman never tells, though im certainly no gentleman. my girlfriend will probably read this though. pass. (Editors Note: Noone in the band has answered this question straightforwardly or honestly. Perhaps for the stated reason)

If you could meet any historical figure, living or dead, who would it be and why?
this is another difficult question to answer. i'd like to say someone more universally important or some bullshit, but honestly it would have to be john lennon. im in the business of rock n' roll, and who better to hang out with than the guy that wrote the best songs of all time? call me generic, no care, ever.

What did you get overall on the SAT's?
didnt take them. fuck any test that single handedly can help determine the course of your life.

Top 5 recent albums?
mystery jets - 21, my morning jacket - evil urges, vampire weekend- s/t (though our buddies in young lords fucking DESPISE this band, i think they write great tunes), the new sigur ros is really good, i wanna say the new supergrass record, but really its about a 6.5 outta 10 at best. i dont know, i havent been blown away by anything recently.

Favorite Rapper?
mainstream- ludacris - dude is just fucking hilarious. great punchlines, GREAT voice. his voice is like a cartoon characters. underground- mc juice - best battle rapper ever, great freestyler. his wordplay and delivery are so on point. you got a much more serious response than expected, huh?

Chicken or the Egg: which came first?
chicken. has to be. SOMEONE created that chicken.

Best Concert you've ever attended?
probably the one and only time that i saw radiohead. it was unreal. borderline religious experience.

Would you rather stab yourself in the ass with a razor sharp Ginsu knife or watch your parents have sex for 20 seconds? (I'm talking a really deep stab wound, you won't be able to sit down for a month)
i would rather stab myself in the ass with a ginsu knife and leave it there for 20 seconds, than watch my parents have sex.

What's wrong with our country?

Favorite Author?
i have cable, sorry. (Editor's Note: We strongly suggest the answer to this question as a worthy answer to the previous question.)

And finally, if you could tour with 3 bands still together today, who would it be?
my morning jacket, lil jon, and andrew w.k. my morning jacket because their music is great, and the other two... c'mon, now. you know why. probably the two most raging bro's of all time. just screaming and in your face. party till you puke.

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