Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where does it come from, Where does it go?

hello all,
One of my absolute favorite contemporary bands is
The Sleepy Jackson, from Australia. If you're unfamiliar, go get both their albums now. Their debut "Lovers" is amazing as well as their sophomore release, "Personality" If you like your pop music left of center, you will love this. One of my best friends, Blair from the awesome NYC group, YOUNG LORDS (, turned me onto them after their debut came out. I've been in love ever since and hungry for any morsel I could get from them. In my opinion the Sleepie's mainman, Luke Steele, is one of the best songwriters around today. There are few groups or singers whose work I love all of, but he is one of them. Blair just hipped me to a new side project of Luke's, Empire of the Sun. I've posted the video to their first single below. Their album drops in October. Again, another amazing song. The Sleepy Jackson is much more of a rock band than this side project. Much more in the Beach Boys/ELO vein. So if you don't dig the electro vibe of this song, don't let that stop you from checking out his main band. Words can't express how much I dig his songs. When I got their 2nd album, I burned a copy for everyone else in my band. They all love it too.
I wouldn't lead you down the wrong path, friends.
Not to be mysterious, but very soon we will have some news about touring and, wait for it... tour dates. I'll let you chew on that for a bit, my web browsing friends. In the meantime get your groove on with these lovely songs. Enjoy.

EMPIRE OF THE SUN "Walking on a Dream"

THE SLEEPY JACKSON "This Day" from Lovers

THE SLEEPY JACKSON "I Undertand What You Want" from Personality

YOUNG LORDS 'Down So Long"

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