Sunday, October 12, 2008

Road Dawgs

hey, its been a long time since we made a post on here. sorry bout that, but we've been really busy. in less than 2 weeks, we're going on a full U.S. tour! im talking like 40 dates people. its gonna be brutal, yet super fun. we're doing a week with the von bondies, then the rest of the tour with the shys and army navy. check out both of those bands... awesome.

we're also shooting a video for "ah la la" next week. really excited for that. its gonna be funny... we'll let you know when its done. we also are getting the pre-releases for our debut full length "running with the wasters" soon. i know it seems like its a long time coming, but trust me, it will be worth the wait. the album drops late-january or early-february. we will be touring our asses off in 09... we're going international too, so make sure you're checking our myspace lots and lots

goodbye for now, and see you on the road!


1 comment:

Shayda K. said...

hey guys!
i got tickets for the Troubador tomorrow and can't wait to see you lot finally perform!
please play Running With the Wasters, i love that one :)