Monday, October 27, 2008

Video shoot

"More excitement, more energy," yells the camera guy, who only minutes earlier had jumped in our overcrowded van, his lighting man sitting in the same seat. I turn around and look at the four Mariachis wondering if they even understand him, let alone feel like complying. The older, more respectable looking one turns to me and smiles a big golden smile--literally, he has gold teeth. We all start pounding the ceiling of the van and singing along to our soon to be first single, "Ah La La". Gatorskinned jackets are gyrating everyones laughing but confused. Is this going to be in the video? I thought we were just driving to where they were shooting the video.

We finally pull into the park where the shoot is taking place. "They couldn't get the chickens," someone says.
"What, no chickens?," Josh says.

We climb into the back of this moving van. "OK, so you're having a great time, singing, dancing, jumping around. Then the door swings open and you all jump out and start running from the INS," the director yells. OK, sure. We some how manage to turn the fiesta music that the Mariachi band is playing into some strange but awesome version of "Ah La La." The door swings open and there's our manager and the camera guy from the van earlier dressed in the worst cop costumes I've ever seen. They're still wearing jeans. We scatter. This happens four or five more times. The Mariachi band needs to be back in NYC at 11:30, it's 11:50. They don't seem to mind. God, I need more sleep. I'm wondering if someone is gonna buy us lunch. I'm wondering if this video is gonna be as ridiculous as it seems.



RainbowEclipse said...

it can't be "too" ridiculous without the chickens....

Kate said...

I am so excited. You should have had chris as man-riding-a-bird to replace the chickens.

Miss you guys!