Monday, February 16, 2009


We're leaving for tour today. This time we're heading down south, all the way to Flordia. So now's your chance to come check out our live show. We haven't been down south in 3 years. We're all excited and we've got a pretty big announcement to make very soon. Well, it's big for us. Maybe it won't matter to you. But it's a huge change for us. I don't mean to be crytpic, but we'll make a proper announcement soon. Maybe you can guess what it is? Probably not.
We're excited to get out on the road again, though it's never easy leaving our loved ones. But we've gotta do what we gotta do. We were thinking of names for these upcoming tours (Not that we're Bon Jovi and really need a name for our tours quite yet) and I thought "Still Payin the Dues" was apt. Hopefully we won't have to name our next 6 tours the same. Either way, if you enjoy the songs, please come see us live. And don't be shy, we're rather nice fella's and only a couple of us bite. But hey it's all the rage to bite nowadays. Just ask Chris Brown.


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