Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get the Memo?

Not even two months in to 2009 and it's already been the most juxtaposed year in our bands near five year history. And it will certainly be the biggest. First of all, yes, in May we'll have been a band for five years. The Beatles would have already been flirting with the future of Rubber Soul by now, but things seem to happen slower in this age. At least important things. People get married later, people go to school longer, people take forever to get their music careers started.

But it's certainly starting. Good things are brewing despite the unfortunate fact that they will all happen in the wake of Adam Shash's departure. But, it went down on good terms and we've rapidly moved on with Derek White in his stead. Adam's prime chops and good humor will be severely missed; however, things change and Derek is a welcomed addition to the band. He's been a long time friend and collaborator with the band, plus he's an incredible songwriter and is well versed in the recording process. We're all looking forward to getting back to writing so we can take advantage of D White's sharp songwriting prowess.

And for those of you who aren't aware, we are in the midst of a massive American tour right now. And chances are we'll be grazing by your town in the next few months. So keep checking our dates. Also, our album release date will be on March 24th. Buy that. See you soon.


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