Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Drought is Over

Well, we're about 80% done with our first song("Across the Car") of what will hopefully be our next release. We've been recording in Derek's basement for the last three weeks in an attempt to get something a little more homegrown. It's sounding pretty good--and by good I mean bombastic.

It's a hell of a driving song. No, not driving guitars, I mean it's the kind of song that'll sound best with a red left arm slung out of the drivers side window, while you're on your way home from work. I'm excited to see how people react to it. We've never done anything like it before.

"Golden Age" is on deck and although we've been playing it since last Christmas, it's going to be nice to finally get it on wax. . . or silicon, or whatever. I'll keep you posted.


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