Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fresh old shit

hey.. i wanna introduce myself.

I'm Derek, the new bassist of Takeover. It took me a while to post here because I wanted to feel like a member of the band first. I joined in February, I've been on a couple tours and had a few screaming matches with the guys. I paid my dues man... now I finally feel like a true member of the band. That said I wanna share a bit of myself. Believe it or not.. the guys in the band made me responsible for recording our upcoming release. I feel honored but I also hate them for it, I'll be going deaf at a young age.

So I'm not gonna lie, I'm "trying" to find optimism in the world of music. I truly believe that our current day industry is the biggest pile of horseshit in the world. I hope you are with me. At the end of the day I just want peace in my heart. I want songs with longevity. Did you notice that modern pop singles are hot when they're first released, and 2 months later it's considered "old, or outdated?" Why is that? I'll tell you.. there's no passion put into the songs anymore. All the wrong assholes are in charge of everything. We could really use some radio play but we're gonna do honest work until we get there. That means no fucking people over.. I thought of breaking the law or burning certain venues down, that won't help, it will only put me in jail and then the band won't do shit. fuck getting press for doing stupid shit. I'm over that idea.

People know me as being a close minded person who only listens to 60's girlgroups.. That's kinda true. So I guess my point is.. don't fall into an unsacred path. Here's some shit to move your soul, if it doesn't then keep watching till it does.

Here's a song that I just adore lately. it was written by Carol King and Gerry Goffin. performed by the beautiful Dusty Springfield. this crazy bitch used to throw plates back stage before performances to relive stress. I love it...


-love derek