Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, since none of the other guys will post anything, I will attempt to briefly inform you of a FREE, that's right, FREE download of our debut EP, It's All Happening on From now until next Tuesday, when the ep drops in stores and online everywhere, you can download all 5 tracks, along with several podcasts of us attempting to be funny and tell stories behind the songs for FREE. Go to: Did I mention it's totally free? But only for a limited time so tell your friends and lovers to go over and get it and tell their friends and lovers.
In the meantime, we've been busy rehearsing new material, doing some press, and just gearing up to promote our first release.
Maybe when the hockey seasons over, Sickels and Butt Tits will stop pretending to be Canadians and get on here and fill ya'll in with their wonderful, sordid lives.
I saw Death Cab for Cutie play live on Fuse the other night. Now first off, I'm certainly no fan of theirs, but more power to 'em for selling records and doing well for themselves. That said, the jams off their new album are really not good. Boring is the adjective that comes to mind. And in pop music, that's a cardinal sin. When your first single is a radio edit of a slow languid ballad with no hooks to speak, you might wanna rethink it. And no, it's not operating in the same sphere as the Radioheads of the world. This is not experimental and challenging music. It's bland and boring. But hey, that's just what struck me as I watched these beardo's playing on tv to an audience of bored teenyboppers who didn't know what to do with their hands, since they couldn't really rock out or dance. Just wait kids, we'll be here to save you soon enough. In fact, you can download some righteous jams right now at Last.Fm. Go forth and "Gitchya sum" (copyright 2007 M. Solomich)

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