Friday, May 23, 2008

Party Time

so last night was the ep release party of "it's all happening." it was a total blast. the crowd was amazing. everyone sang along, at times even louder than the band. a lot of old friends came out that normally dont. i couldn't have asked for more. thanks to triggers for playing, mike "skeebo" gralewski for running sound, and sean finn for dj'ing as well. also, a big thanks to our friend mike from california, who actually called the bar and bought us a bottle of jack daniels. i dont wanna thank him for the hangover im suffering through right now, but even still, that was a total sweetheart move on his behalf.




Anonymous said...

holy shit!
triggers played the grabewski "rap"??
ah mannn
would have killed to see that happen

Anonymous said...

wait, I completely misread that.
still would have killed to see that happen though.