Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Takeover UK Talks To Istelf: Second Edition

Here's the second installment of the idiotic Takeover UK Talks to
Itself. And I (Nic Snyder) am going to get nitty gritty with Mr. Mark

N: Age (real or fake)? 26.

M: That's the real deal

N: What's your favorite watering hole in Pittsburgh? New York? LA?

M: Jeez,this makes me sound like a drunk. I can say with certainty I drink the
least out all the boys in the band. Pgh: the Cage NY: tough one, let's
just say NOT the reservoir; LA: I forget the name, but it's way down on
Sunset near Echo park, you can smoke there. Let's face it though, all
bars are pretty much the same.

N: How long can one go without showering before the ladies start to

M: I actually tested this in college; Let's just say quite a
while, a week maybe. Probably more, but I was sick of feeling dirty so I
took a shower, but I had the distinct feeling it could go on for quite a
while. I wouldn't recommend for everybody though.

N: What's the most uncomfortable nights sleep you've ever had?

M: Every night I had to share a bed with Sickels; or maybe the nights I didn't sleep at
all cause I was so uncomfortable where I was attempting to sleep i.e.
vans, cubbyholes, floors etc.

N: What's your favorite Clash song and why?

M: Hmmm. Tough one. White Man in Hammersmith Palais. One of the first Clash songs I heard, still one of the best. Joe Strummer laughing is great.

N: Have you heard the new Spiritualized record "Songs in A and E" yet
(because I'm listening to it right now and it's fucking awesome)?

M: No Nick I haven't. Is every song really in A and E? Let it come down is
great. I saw them live in Boston. Not so great. Maybe if I was on
shrooms I would've enjoyed it more.

N: I believe they all are in A or E, Mark.

N: What's your favorite guitar moment on the upcoming TTUK album? The ten
minute dueling wah-wah guitar solo on our cover of Edgar Winter's
"Frankenstein". Righteous.

M: What two TTUK songs from the past are most deserving of being on the
second album? Probably Carol Anne and Black Flowers, since we still
occasionally play those, but really, we're getting ahead of ourselves.
You and I still have many more hits to right before we decide what goes
on our next album, which is tentatively titled " Butt Fucking Turbo
Tits: The Takeover Uk Gets Sum"

N: Who in the Beatles do you most remind yourself of?

M: Ringo. I'm that good looking and I love gaudy jewelry.

N: If you could live anywhere in the world in Pittsburgh, where would it

M: Maybe you worded this one wrong; did you mean anywhere in the world
BESIDES Pittsburgh? In that case I'd say the South of France

N: No I meant anywhere in the worl as long as it was in Pittsburgh. But we'll skip that one.

N: We all know your favorite movie is Major League. How do you feel about
about Two and a Half Men [Charlie Sheen's newest work]?

M: Watched maybe one episode. I did however go to a taping of an episode out in glorious Burbank. Charlie Sheen is the Gary Cooper of Generation X. Brilliant
actor. I'm serious.

N: The strong silent type? His Dad, Marty, is better.

N: What's the last album/song that made you pick up a guitar and write a

M: The Mystery Jets new album "21" Wonderful songs.

N: Do you believe in Global Warming, and if so what can TTUK do to help?

M: Do I believe in global warming? Of course I believe in Global warming.
It's not the Tooth Fairy. It's real and it's all happening (ha ha) as we
speak. While I believe only governments can implement real, lasting
change, I think as artists we can inform ourselves more and speak out
against those who would choose to view Global warming as a myth or at
least not very important. Like our president. In effect, call people out
on their shit.
Oh and turn the light out when you leave the room.

N: And lastly, what time is practice tonight?

M: Good question, I was meaning to tell ya'll that I'm getting my hair cut at 5:45 and we'll probably have to push practice back a lil. I'll call you. Don't Call me.

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