Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whiskey in the Jar

I wanna talk about Thin Lizzy. If for some godforsaken reason you're not familiar with this quintessential Irish band, let me tell you, do yourself a favor and go to Itunes and download their wonderful album, "Jailbreak". It's a great place to start.
For the rest of you who are only aware of their biggest US hit, "The Boys are Back in Town", there's so much more than just that wonderful song. Usually, a bands biggest hit is the most hated song of the hardcore fan, but "Boys are back in town", while not my favorite Lizzy song, certainly is a great one, for the harmonized guitars alone. And if you haven't noticed, The Takeover UK is very fond of harmonized guitars. A song on our forthcoming album, "Main St. Crush" had a working title of "Steely Dan" as the harmonized guitar lines reminded Nick of said bands "Reeling in the Years". Now I like Steely Dan. I don't love Steely Dan. And "Main St. Crush"'s guitars owe more to Thin Lizzy than anyone else. But really, Steely Dan and Thin Lizzy are both pretty cool, strange names. So it's just as well.
I digress. My favorite Thin Lizzy song is "Running Back", which is a ballad of some sorts, on Jailbreak. Phil Lynott's lyrics are simple but cutting. It's a very simple song, save for the guitar solo, and I really wanna cover it. We don't really cover songs, as we have so many of our own, and really I think most covers are a waste of time unless the artist takes a song and makes it distinctly it's own. So we'll see. I certainly don't wanna disrespect one of my favorite bands.
I go to the used CD store alot and I'm always plucking stuff out of the 2.50 & $5 bins. Recently I purchased: Sparklehorse "Good Morning Spider", The Posies "Frosting on the Beater" (which I had on tape before), and I got my little bro a CD by this band Ruth Ruth. A blast from the past, Greg and I had seen Ruth Ruth open up for Everclear at one of the first concerts we went to. My first concert was supposed to be Fugazi at Metropol, but alas, my mom wouldn't let me go. My brother and I devised a full proof scheme to allow us to go the Everclear show. We bought the tickets and told our mom we won them on a radio contest. I'm almost certain she didn't believe us, but I guess our will was so strong she gave in and let her 12 and 13 year old sons go to the show. Strangely, she had no problem letting Greg and I play shows on school nights with our punk band, Disturbed Youth. Actually, Everclear was not my first show. My first show was one I played with my first aforementioned band. It was on a Tuesday night at this long defunct place called Luciano's in Uptown Pittsburgh.
This must have been in 1995. Jeez, that makes me sound old, but we were really young.
And 13 years later, I'm still doing the same thing. Jeez.

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Ziggy06 said...

It's funny you should mention Thin Lizzy, because I visited a friend last Sunday night and played a bunch of new CDs for him, and that included "It's All Happening." He really likes your band, and he's also a big Thin Lizzy fan, so if you ever meet him, you'll have something to talk about.